Being libertarian , I strive to see both sides. However , please concern yourselves with the problems of date rape and…

What does date rape have to do with school dress codes?

We have “dress codes” for making sure we don’t get raped. We are told what to wear. Cover too much, prude. Not enough by some arbitrary definition, slut. Our bodies are policed and monitored for appropriateness. That is where date rape comes in. And it still stands with school dress codes. Boys get a free pass. Yet dress codes seem to only police female clothing. We are sexualizing underage girls and it is disturbing and disgusting.

You’re being sarcastic, right? Dress codes are designed to prepare young men and women for the professional world.

If you’re being serious… that’s one victim complex you have there.

Being libertarian , I strive to see both sides. However , please concern yourselves with the problems of date rape and…

What does date rape have to do with school dress codes?

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My lovely friends and I did a thing.

They banned… yoga pants…


I am so over this spoiled brat bullshit. You’re not women- you’re girls. Your school is acting in “loco parentis (sp?)”. Get out of my face with this shit.

School is about six hours of your day. Just follow the rules and where whatever you want at home. Think of it as dressing professionally. I sure as hell know that you’re not allowed to wear yoga pants in a corporate environment.

Honestly, a 16 year old girl got a bullet put into her skull because she not only fought that hard to have an education, but so other girls could access education as the human right it is

And these spoilt brats think they are oppressed because they can’t wear booty shorts and crop tops to school 

School is closer to 8+ hours a day, and education is not a right. 

Other than that, I agree that these girls are incredibly spoiled and entitled. They should be grateful that their greatest concern in life is a dress code.

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Opinions on democrats?


really awful people in general.  leave the bill of rights alone already.  give us hardworkers a break


Shavua Tov!

 We hope everyone had deep and meaningful Yom Kippur.




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SMH what is this crap? change those hashtags to #ugly #mayo #embarrassing 

Oh no, a white girl drew scribbles around her fingers and colored her nails in with sharpie! Cultural appropriation!

… Get over yourself.

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Rather have this than the iphone tbh

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And where does this statistic come from? *is a prolife activist and also a woman*

This “stat” has been around since the 1990s and not once has anyone ever answered that question.

National Right to Life Committee - led by Carol Tobias, a woman

Americans United for Life - led by Charmaine Yoest, a woman

Susan B. Anthony List - led by Marjorie Dannenfelser

American Life League - led by Judie Brown, a woman

Students for Life of America - led by Kristan Hawkins, a woman

Live Action - led (and founded) by Lila Rose, a woman

Human Life Alliance - led by Jo Tolck, a woman.

Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform - led by Stephanie Gray, a woman.

Sisters of Life - all women

March for Life - led by Jeanne Monahan, a woman

Feminists for Life - led by Serrin M. Foster, (do I even need to say it?) a woman

Note: the judges who decided Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton were all men.

But when it comes to defending the right to life, gender shouldn’t matter. We’re talking about a fight for human rights, regardless of sex, sexual orientation, race, or anything else. What we all have in common is our humanity, and that’s what we’re fighting for.

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Spitfire during the Battle of Britain.




[TW: racism, colonialism] Please put a tr*gger warning on this image. Your hair resembles locs which are SACRED to many PoC cultures and are NOT meant for white colonial mayo. Your hair is deeply problematic and you should start combing it again before you become a walking appropriation like Iggy Azalea. Unless you want to racially transition you should think twice before stealing sacred hair. It IS tr*ggering to PoC to see white girls attempt locs. Check your white colonizer privilege.




imagine: a court system where you do not know the gender, race, sexual orientation, wealth, name, ect. of the person being charged

think of how different the punishments would be

Women would spend a hell of a lot more time in prison. Which is fair, actually.

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Abortion teaches the culture that children are expendable and disposable, and that if they are inconvenient, we may throw them away. That is a mindset that we must work to change.


Today the front boulevard along Parliament Hill in Ottawa was covered with 100,000 pink and blue flags, as a testimony to the approximately 100,000 girls and boys that are denied their right to life every year in Canada from abortion. 

Canada is the only democracy in the entire world that does not have an abortion law.

We Need A Law

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National ProLife Chalk Day 2014 at WJU


Operation “Little Vittles”

On the 65th anniversary of the end of the Berlin Airlift on September 30, 1949, here’s a look back at the Airlift’s younger sibling, “Operation Little Vittles.”


In July 1948 Berlin Airlift pilot Gail Halvorsen began handing out and later dropping candy via handkerchief parachutes to the children who had gathered to watch at Berlin’s Tempelhof Airport.  With the approval of superiors and the support of confectionery companies, “Operation Little Vittles” was born and “Candy Bombers” and “Raisin Bombers” began dropping care packages to the children of Berlin.

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