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Please, keep our service members in your thoughts and prayers today and everyday.

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Assembly of Messerschmitt Bf 109G-6s in a German aircraft factory, 1943.

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why are 12-15 year olds so obnoxious they roam in packs and they’re so loud for no reason i can’t wait for one of your moms to pick you up and carpool you all away

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As a Latin American, I get really disappointed when I see people in the U.S. who are socialists. After all Latin America has passes through… I just can’t believe there are still people in the U.S. who believe socialism works.

Che Guevara used to rape women and kill innocent people. Seriously, he literally used to get horny with blood of the people he used to kill. He was a mass murderer thristy for blood. Fidel Castro isn’t so different. The Cuba Dictatorship killed about 87.000 people, and still kills to this day. According to Forbes, Fidel Castro is richer than the queen of England. Cubans are his slaves. Cubans work really hard and their wage is only 30 fucking dollars per month. 360 fucking dolars per year. Hell, even the daughter of Fidel Castro hates her father and truly believes he is a murderer.

Not to mention Venezuela, Argentina and Brazil, that are in their way to live in a dictatorship (although Venezuela is already one) and they have extreme violence. Venezuela is living in a civil war right now; Argentina has the biggest inflation in America Latina; Brazil has 50-70 thousand homicides PER FUCKING YEAR. I live in Brazil and the president is trying to censor the internet (her party created a law that regulates the internet), so maybe this is the last time I can complain about it here!

And then there are Americans who still think socialism works. GO FUCK YOURSELF. Socialism ruined Latin America and is till ruining and you still think socialism works! I would love to escape from here and move to Texas, because living in the U.S. is still way better than living here, but you fucking idiots don’t fucking realize that.

I just can’t believe that are still Americans who believe in socialism. I can’t believe it.

Oh, and also, Obama is fucking idiot who doesn’t even care what’s happening in Venezuela right now, and he’s also pro-Russia. 

Sorry about the bad English. I’m not fluent yet.

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"Peace is not to be confused with being a weenie."

Glenn Beck


Soldiers from the 118th Infantry Regiment, 30th Infantry Division, SC National Guard, during the Carolina Maneuvers/1942

With the “triangularization” of National Guard units in 1942, after the start of the United States entry into World War II, the 118th would detach from the 30th Infantry Division and be assigned to security duty in Iceland. The 118th would also receive campaign credit for their service in Northern France and the Rhineland, after being staged in England throughout most of 1944 for preparation to battle German forces.

So I was at work today and one of the girls I work with would not stop talking about abortion. She kept saying how if she got pregnant, she would abort the baby, and how she didn't care that a living person was inside if her. She just wouldn't shut up. Anyways what should I do in these types of situations? I'm a shy/ quiet person so speaking out is hard for me.

She sounds like a very disgusting and selfish person. To be honest though, I really hate when random people jump into my conversations. I find it extremely rude and disrespectful, especially if it’s politics. So if I was you I would try my best to avoid getting involved unless I was directly brought into it.
Avoid her as much as possible. If you can’t then calmly and politely ask her to not talk about politics, or ask her if she could be more quiet about it. If she turns aggressive, which is possible, you can take it to your boss or manager. The last thing you want is to get in an argument with her then have to deal with passive aggressive behavior or nasty looks after the fact, because I’ve had that happen and it’s not cool.

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not a single government program exists in the US that is literally just handed out. have you ever read the eligibility requirements for SNAP? unemployment? disability insurance? knock it off

everyone pays into the system, and if we ever need them, these programs exist. there’s no difference between a “handout” and any other government service.

conservatives and libertarians really need to stop defining “handouts” as “only those government services which i personally do not need”. the government ain’t here for you and you alone

Tell me more about how highschool diplomas and college degrees are government handouts.

they’re free or heavily subsidized lmao

No, they’re not free. The government doesn’t just hand out diplomas and degrees. You have to pay for it, and go to school to get an education, and once you complete your education, then you receive your diploma/ degree. The government cannot take your degree away, because it is not a handout. It’s yours and you worked for it.

Public services are not government handouts. Roads are not government handouts. Nor are state, national, and local parks, your local fire department, police, access to the post office, water safety, and employer safety. These are not government handouts.